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Economical solution for the dimming of aircraft interior lighting. These heavy-duty solid state dimmers by Superior Panel Technology includes all necessary potentiometers with built-in off switch and 115W power transistors mounted to a heat sink. The supplied colored Mil Spec wire and very easy to follow wiring diagram allows the aircraft builder to customize the wiring harness to fit individual needs. A solid state dimmer provides the most uniform dimming if you are dimming a combination of LEDs, incandescent bulbs and electroluminescent lamps on the same circuit (such as SPT’s Glow Strips, FiberLites, and LED glare shield light strip). They are rated for 2 amps per circuit, and the multi-circuit dimmers allow for two discrete power inputs (One for circuit one, and one for remaining circuits). Appropriate for both 14V and 28V systems.

The optional pre-fabricated wire harness will save you time. The wire harness is 34” length from the potentiometers to the connector that plugs into the heat sink. This will make installation and removal extremely easy. You simply connect the ground wire, the power input wires and a variable power output wire to each circuit.

Control knobs sold separately

In The Box

  • 1 – SPT Power Transistor
  • 1 – Heat Sink
  • Hook-up Wire
  • Potentiometer(s) with Off position
  • Installation Instructions
    • NUMBER:

      One Circuit, Two Circuit, Three Circuit, Four Circuit

    • Wiring Harness:

      Dimmer Only, Dimmer With Pre-Fab Harness

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