Gray Sealer is used to seal Ceconite fabric prior to spraying Silver Urethane Fabric Primer. This coat prevents pinholes in the Silver Urethane Fabric Primer. Gray Sealer is also used to apply Ceconite finishing tapes. It is tinted translucent gray to help see it when applied.

Approximately 150 square feet per gallon.
Use a mixing stick to blade up settled product. After hand stirring, shake on a double-action paint shaker for five minutes before use. Always insure that Gray Sealer is mixed into suspension before using.
Thin three parts Gray Sealer to one part Sealer Reducer.
1.To Seal Fabric: Brush one coat on the fabric surfaces with a quality bristle or nylon brush. Put on sufficient Gray Sealer to wet the fabric with a uniform translucent coating. Runs on the inside surface of the fabric indicate that the fabric is wet on both sides, thus encapsulating the weave. Do not spray; spraying may not wet both sides of the fabric.
2. Applying tapes and fabric gussets: Apply a wet coat of Gray Sealer in the area the tape will lay. Lay the tape into the wetted area and brush with a dry brush to force the Gray Sealer through the weave of the fabric.
Dry Time:
20 minutes at 77° F.
Shelf Life: Four years in unopened storage. Avoid storage above 100° F.

Available in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon sized.

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