Part# 11-17738


START PAC is offering the “Ranger™” as a more economical alternative to the Patent Pending Self-Propelled “Hi-Brd 3”, which provides 300Amps of continuous power for powering aircraft systems along with 3200 peak amps for starting.

The Ranger™ is the only diesel powered GPU on the market to utilize Start Pac’s signature, state of the art safe batteries for aircraft engine starting. It comes in at a lower weight and price than that of the “Hi- Brd 3” making it one of the smallest, quietest, most advanced, and most affordable GPU’s on the market.

The “Ranger™” is equipped with a diesel engine (2 Cylinder, 14hp) that will allow the GPU to provide 150Amps of continuous power for running aircraft systems, along with 2400 peak amps for engine starting provided by the on board batteries. These batteries are sealed, contain no liquid, and will outlast standard lead acid batteries by a factor of two to three. They also do not suffer from any sulfation issues that will cause the batteries to fail prematurely from being left sitting in a discharged state.


  • Yanmar 2 cylinder diesel engine
  • Permanent magnet generator
  • Safe batteries for engine starting
  • Built in chargers recharge batteries when plugged into AC source
  • Large wheels to allow easy maneuvering
  • Environmentally friendly low VOC powder coating
  • Can be pulled by hand or towed by vehicle
  • 25 ft power cable
  • Built in voltmeter/ammeter/hour meter
  • Emergency shutdown switch
  • 25 gallon fuel tank


  • Up to 150A continuous for powering aircraft systems
  • Up to 2800A peak for engine starting

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