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With Heat Pack option adds a shipping heat pack to keep the material from freezing while in transit. It is recommended for winter months / destinations in cold climates where the temperature may drop below freezing while in transit. If the material freezes, it is not recommended for use.

EkoClean Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser concentrate is used with the Stewart Covering System to clean fabric before application of EkoFill. For cleaning fabric, EkoClean is diluted 15-1 with water, and lightly applied with a spray bottle, and rinsed with clear water.

EkoClean is a non-butyl, water soluble, concentrated degreaser and general purpose cleaner. In stronger concentrations EkoClean attacks grime, exhaust stains and grease spots from painted surfaces. EkoClean does not contain phosphates and is USDA approved.

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      Quart, Gallon

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      Without Heat Pack, With Heat Pack

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