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With Heat Pack option adds a shipping heat pack to keep the material from freezing while in transit. It is recommended for winter months / destinations in cold climates where the temperature may drop below freezing while in transit. If the material freezes, it is not recommended for use.

Stewart Systems EkoEtch
EkoEtch Aluminum Etch is a concentrated combination acid based detergent and degreaser. EkoEtch removes scale, corrosion, light oil, processing fluids and brightens aluminum. EkoEtch is non-hazardous, water reducible and non-flammable. Use EkoEtch to prepare both old and new aluminum surfaces before applying Stewart Systems EkoPrime or EkoPoxy Primer/Sealers. On old aluminum it is recommended to clean the surfaces first with Stewart Systems EkoClean. Once the surface has been treated with EkoClean, it should be primed within 8 hours for maximum corrosion protection. Available in Quarts only

ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGES CHARACTERISTICS * Excellent lime remover * Excellent scale remover * Excellent soap film remover * Can be applied in a wide variety of temperature/ humidity conditions * Water is used for clean-up * Non-Hazardous * Shelf life of 1+ years * Non-Flammable

AIR QUALITY DATA Free of lead and chromates.

USES * Lime, scale, soap film removal * Concrete floors * Cleaning of garbage containers * Cleaning of grease traps * Industrial/mechanical rooms * Rendering plants * Machine shops * Brightens aluminum

PHYSICAL DATA * Liquid, Clear * Specific Gravity: 1.17 * Color: None * Phosphates: None * Sediment: None * Odor: Mild

* Shelf Life: 1+ years * pH: 2.0 * Boiling Point: 212°F * Weight per gallon: 9.75 lbs * VOC: <0.7 lbs/gal * Flash Point: 140°F CC

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