Part# 09-05334


The Superbird Super Deluxe Paint Restoration System includes everything you need to completely restore your aircraft’s paint like a professional, making it look like new again for a fraction of the cost of a new paint job! The Superbird Super Deluxe Paint Restoration System includes the following:

Hi-Buff Deluxe Random Orbital Polisher – one (1) machine

A complete set of Superbird Paint Restoration System products:

  • Dirt, Grime & Black Streak Remover – one (1) spray bottle

    Step #1: Does the “heavy lifting” by removing unsightly dirt, grease and black streaks

  • Paint Cleaner – one (1) bottle

    Step #2: Deep cleans the aircraft’s surface and prepares it for the paint restoration process

  • Paint Restorer – one (1) bottle

    Step #3: Upon completion of the aircraft surface in the previous steps, the Paint Restorer is now able to work its magic, restoring shine and luster to the aircraft’s previously dull paint

  • Paint Sealant – one (1) bottle

    Step #4: This final step completes the paint restoration process by adding long-lasting protection to the aircraft’s paint surface, including beneficial protection from the sun’s harmful rays (utlraviolet UV protection).

A complete set of Superbird Ultra-Premium Microfiber Towels:

  • High-Quality Microfiber Towels (white) – one (1) package, 10 towels per package
  • High-Quality Deluxe Microfiber Towels (yellow) – one (1) package, four (4) towels per package
  • High-Quality Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towels (blue) – one (1) package, ten (10) towels per package

A complete set of Superbird Cleaning Accessories:

  • Hi-Buff Deluxe Random Orbital Polisher – one (1) machine
  • Orbital Polisher Buffing Pads – Orange – two (2) pads & Red – two (2) pads

Used when applying the Superbird Paint Cleaner and Paint Restorer products

  • Orbital Polisher Machine Pad – Red – two (2) pads

Used when applying the Superbird Paint Sealant product


Step One:
Superbird DIRT, GRIME & BLACK STREAK REMOVER quickly removes dirt, grime and black streaks with very little scrubbing or effort—just spray on and wipe off! It immediately begins working to penetrate and lift away dirt, grime and black streaks upon contact, making it an all-around great cleaner.
Step Two:
Superbird PAINT CLEANER effectively removes set-in dirt and grime from within painted surfaces without using harsh solvents or abrasives. This product prepares the surface prior to the application of Superbird PAINT RESTORER to restore depth, clarity and color improvement to oxidized paint.
Step Three:
Superbird PAINT RESTORER is formulated to improve color and depth on painted or clear-coated surfaces while removing light scratches and swirls.
Step Four:
Superbird PAINT SEALANT is formulated to provide a long-last protective barrier on painted metal, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces. It is easy to apply and creates a slick, smooth surface that not only impedes contaminants from collecting on the surface, but also provides a protective finish from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

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