Part# 08-13550



SwitchBox Ultra SIM Card with $50 initial credit

  • All Switchbox Ultra SIM accounts have a $50 per month (500 texts) available credit, over 12x more credit and much cheaper than AT&T.
  • Text messages cost 10 cents to send or receive, and phone calls are not available. Only text messaging with feedback from the device is available with the Switchbox Ultra SIM. If you need to use the phone call option with Timer function, please see the AT&T card option.
  • The maximum amount of texts included is 500, which will reset back to 500 available on the beginning of each month
  • After the included first month, Switchbox Ultra SIM service costs $25 for 90 days of use.
  • If the account does not have enough funds, Switchbox Ultra SIM will you give an additional 2-months grace period with a zero balance, until the sim card is deactivated. If this occurs, a new Switchbox Ultra SIM card will need to be purchased.

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