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Type I De-icing Fluid is a propylene glycol based de-icing product intended for use during ground de-icing of an aircraft. Sprayed onto the plane frame and wings to help remove the buildup of frozen containments (ice, snow and frost) prior to flight. This helps with aerodynamics to keep the plane flying safely and efficiently They’re typically sprayed hot with a handheld or powered sprayer.

Note: Minimum allowed RI for corresponding dilution to meet LOUT requirements. Any dilution higher can be used up to the highest allowed dilution (65/35). Any mixture above 65/35 must not be used.


  • Any user of this product is responsible for determining the suitability of Safewing MP 1 LFD 88 product for its particular application. The Pilot-in-command holds the ultimate responsibility to remove all frozen contaminants from critical aircraft surfaces and components, to conduct visual and tactile inspection to the aircraft after de-icing/anti-icing procedures and prior to takeoff, and to ensure that the aircraft is safe for departure. Ground de-icing and anti-icing fluids provide no protection against icing in flight.


  • Type 1 De-icing Fluid, Safewing MP 1 LFD 88
  • This fluid meets the latest SAE Type I and AMS 1424
  • specifications for aircraft de-icing.
  • Propylene glycol is used in this product, to ease health and environmental concerns.
  • Type I fluids are always applied heated and diluted.
  • Suitable for use at temperatures down to -33°C (-27°F) (LOUT)
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Low foaming fluid with excellent wetting properties that entirely covers aircraft surfaces to avoid premature re-icing of already treated surfaces.
  • Can be stored up to 2 years under proper conditions.
  • Type 1 Aircraft De-icing Fluid RTU must be heated, in accordance with FAA approved de-icing/anti-icing program. This FAA approved program should reference SAE ARP 4737 & ISO 11076.

Water Quality

  • Tap water may or may not be applicable for diluting Safewing® MP I LFD 88. This decision belongs to the end-user. Water can be checked by Clariant at any time to assist you in this process.
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