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The Superior Panel Technology Dual USB Smart Charging Port (SPTUSBSC) is a DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) to industry standard protocol per the USB Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance Plan. Early generation or smaller consumer electronics typically accept one (1) amp of power during charging. However, new electronics, such as the Apple iPad, other tablets and larger devices can accept and, in some cases, require up to 3.4 amps of power to CHARGE and OPERATE. As a high power DCP, the SPTUSBSC can provide up to 3.4 amps of power to charge any USB device, including the higher demand products. Unlike most dual USB chargers which provide one (1) amp on one port and 2.1 amps on the second port, the SPTUSBSC can provide 3.4 amps of power to both ports simultaneously.

The SPT Smart Charger case is machined out of solid aluminum with copper colored anodizing. You can select either clear or black anodizing for the machined aluminum face plate. This careful attention to detail is designed to filter EMI/RFI. Nothing is worse than buzzing, hissing or noise in your headset! This is what separates a high-end design specified for aircraft and lessor products.

Compare the features of the Superior Panel Technology USB Charger to any other USB charging product and you will see that the SPT product provides more quality features at a competitive price.*


  • Up to 3.4 amps output PER port
  • Class leader in size, weight (1.4 oz) and power output.
  • Short circuit protection*
  • Over-current protection*
  • Low voltage shut-down*
  • Temperature monitoring*
  • Machined aluminum face plate with a choice of either black or clear anodizing
  • Case is precision machined out of solid aluminum and anodized in a copper color. The metal case is an added precaution to prevent any electrical EMI and RFI.

      Black Anodized, Clear Anodized

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