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Part# 11-09834


The connector-only kit for the VP-X-Sport contains everything in the standard wiring harness kit except wires and insulated crimp terminals. Be sure to use the correct crimp tool with terminals (see accessories). Do not use pliers or crimp tools designed for other connectors with these pins.

Kit Includes:

  • J10, J12 connector
  • 25: Power connector female terminals
  • 1: J1 25 pin female d-sub connector
  • 1: J2 25 pin male d-sub connector
  • 2: 25 pin connector hood
  • 1: Test harness (male terminals)
  • 1: Pin removal tool
  • 1: Rubber boot for power lug
  • 2: Diodes for battery contactor and starter contactor
  • 2: Resistors for starter annuniciator input and aux battery voltage measurement
  • 1: Bag of DB male crimp pins

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