Part# 13-23407



CSR is made from durable Torlon® material that can remove sealant in many applications at a lower product cost with greater efficiency and productivity. For aerospace applications, CSR is safe to use on common protective coatings and structural materials.

CSR series can be used with 1/4”-28 UNF, 1/4” collet, and drill chuck interfaces. Screw in or attach/lock into rotary tool.

CSR cuts by rotating in the clockwise direction. Operate the CSR at 200-400 RPM for better controllability while avoiding heat buildup. Heat will accelerate wear on the CSR and may generate undesirable odor from the sealant. For general applications, use the CSR-10 to engage an edge of the sealant and allow the rotating action to cut through at the bond line.


  • Diameter: 1″
  • 1/4”-28 UNF


  • Read all safety information before using this product.
  • Wear eye and ear protection
  • Wear face protection
  • Wear hand protection – CSR contains sharp edges
  • Avoid contact with flesh and/or clothing while the CSR is rotating
  • Avoid direct impact against hard objects while the CSR is rotating
  • Avoid excessive force when cutting into sealant material
  • Avoid unnecessary damage – Test and familiarize the CSR action against a similar surface before proceeding

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