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General Chemical’s Disccoat 4220 is a CLEAR water resistant; water based peelable temporary protective coating for Aircraft windshields & windows which provides a long lasting durable protective layer tht protects form scratches and oxidation. Used for protecting canopies and windshields during construction. Discoat 4220 air dries quickly, leaving a tough, yet flexible coating that is easily removed and requires no other additional step. 4220 represents the ultimate in water-based removable coating technology. It is stabilized against brittleness and is not softened or penetrated by most water-based compounds.

4220 is impregnated with transparent blue dye for easy visual inspection as well as identification and is non-staining and stable to 100 degrees Celsius. Approximate coverage: 35 sq. ft. per quart. May be applied by spray or brush. Minimum of 4 coats recommended for best results.

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