Part# 09-02138



Eck®-T, convenient liquid paste squeeze tube, ideal for small applications such as holes and on hardware. Comes with a screw-on nozzle attachment.

Eck® (Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol) was developed to prohibit dissimilar metals from Electrolysis and Galvanic corrosion. Eck® has been formulated to out-perform industry standard silicone products, double faced tapes, coated hardware or washers/spacers. Eck® protects aluminum and stainless steel against electrolytic reaction, isolates dissimilar metals and gives bedding protection for hardware and fasteners. Eck® contains anti-seizing lubricant for threads. Eck® is dielectric and perfect for use with electrical connectors.


  • Successfully laboratory tested for 4000 hours
  • Excellent with high temperatures, up to 1000 degrees
  • No shelf life
  • Seals out moisture
  • Prevents electrolysis, galvanic and magnesium chloride corrosion
  • Won’t harm paint
  • Safe to use in manufacturing, low MSDS health rating “1”
  • Stays moist, won’t crack and fall off
  • Zinc rich ingredients
  • Provides excellent lubrication
  • Safe to use with rubber and plastics

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