Aircraft Heaters represent the most safe and reliable aircraft engine preheater and cabin heaters ever developed. These heaters are designed to safely heat your engine in environments that are considered to be dangerous locations. The Hornet Heater line uses the most advanced, self-temperature regulating, semi-conducting material developed. The Hornet Heaters are equipped with two or four of every single operational component:

  • Self regulating variable wattage heating elements
  • DC fans – waterproof, ball bearing, 50,000 hour + (these quality fans cost 80% more than basic heater models)
  • Twin DC power supply – solid state & waterproof (no cheap bridge rectifiers here)
  • Twin thermostats & heating elements

Because the Hornet Heaters are hand built, the user can select the thermostat temperatures. The two-stage operation also reduces amp inrush by sequencing the heaters. Perhaps the most important feature of the Twin heating system is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the possibility of both heaters failing simultaneously is almost nonexistent and one heating circuit will provide enough heat to prevent engine damage. The unit is equipped with a switch that provides the user with a means to test the operation of each heating circuit independently. Other important features include a non-conductive fire rated fiberglass housing, mil-spec wiring, and an industry leading 3-year warranty.

These Heaters are made in the United States.

Designed as if your life depended on it – because the life of your engine may.


  • The heaters are intrinsically safe.
  • Certified Hornet heaters have passed all safety and certification requirements and meet IPX7, ISO 8846, SAE J1171 and the USCG ignition protection standard.

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