Part# 13-18893

206.47$ + IVA


This “Sport Picker-3” is great for years of use with almost all Sport & LSA “tail dragger” aircraft and alike that are 1,500 pounds fully loaded. The wheel is small for tight clearances, portability and has a medium capacity just for these aircraft. Easily comes apart “by hand” for stow-a-way in small aircraft. It’s a “take it with you” tow bar. Below are some examples of a large number of aircraft to help you know this can be a good fit for you.


    • Cubcrafters Carbon Cub SS
    • J3-Cub & Classic J3 S-LSA
    • Pitts S1 & S2
    • Luscombe
    Champ 7AC & more


  • Due to the small inch wheel and overall length, this one is NOT for RV, EXTRA or any taildragger alike with tail cones that have low clearances conditions
  • (1) set of infinitely adjustable pins on (1) side
  • (1) 4 inch dia. x 2 inch wide hard plastic wheel
  • Bright yellow thick powder coated frame
  • Insulated foam grips
  • Very simple to use
  • Very universal aircraft tow bar

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