Part# 09-04546


APOLLO SPRAYERS are the TrueHVLP Maxi-Miser equipment is finding broad application across the world. The benefit of less overspray and recorded savings of 38% on coatings with no finish compromise is just one.

Imagine having portability if necessary and no need for dryers or filters since the air supply is clean, dry and continuous always. Spraying waterborne coatings is a dream with Apollo TrueHVLP Maxi-Miser Technology. Add to the listless energy consumption and even less booth filter maintenance if used in a spray booth.


  • 40% Paint Savings
  • 80%+ Transfer Efficiency
  • Two Pressure Settings, Hour Use Meter
  • Achieve The Perfect Finish With Ease
  • Clean, Warm, Dry Air
  • No Oil or Moisture Contamination
  • Helps Dry Waterbornes Faster
  • Mobile and Fixed Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Made in the USA


  • 110VAC – 60Hz or 240VAC – 50Hz
  • Weight: 31lbs/14.1Kg,/li>
  • Height: 12” (30.48cm)
  • Width: 8.5” (21.6cm)
  • Length: 15” (38.1cm)

In The Box

  • One (1)Turbopro 1000, (1) spray gun (Base/Metallic), 37’(11.28m) air hose.
  • Compatible with most disposable cup systems.

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