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MGS epoxy resins are approved for the production of certificated aircraft parts. The 335 and 285 systems are especially suited for homebuilders because of their long shelf lives, excellent workability, physiological friendliness, adjustable cure rates and excellent static and dynamic strength characteristics. Both systems are available with fast and slow hardeners which can be blended with each other in any proportion to provide the desired working life and cure cycle. Pot lives and working times can be adjusted from fifteen minutes, using the fast hardeners, to six hours, when the slow hardeners are employed. Once the hardeners have been blended, the specified resin to hardener mixing ratio must be maintained. Components of the 335 system should not be mixed with those of the 285 system. With both systems, if only the slowest hardener is used, the cure times should be extended to a few days, otherwise some brittleness may be noted.

While room temperature curing results in good properties when the faster hardener combinations are used, some curing at elevated temperatures or post curing will result in the highest achievable strength and Tg, with the slower blends. Even unfavorable low temperature and high humidity conditions in the work environment will not effect the quality of the product and high gloss, uncontaminated, tack free surfaces are achievable every time. The resins do not contain any unreactive dilutants which with many systems result in de-gassing and bubbling of the painted finish. The MGS resins do NOT contain aromatic amines. While proper processing practices should be maintained, the physiological friendliness of these systems have been demonstrated by many years of production experience. The 285 system has slightly higher physicals than the 335 and will also achieve a higher maximum Tg after post curing. While the 335 is more viscous than the 285, after mixing with the appropriate hardeners, their viscosities are comparable. These systems are used in the construction of the Cozy, Diamond, Cirrus and other aircraft.
*Important Shipping Information- H287S Hardener can be shipped UPS ground only. A $25 hazardous fee, and a $45 box fee applies (per quart). Can also be shipped truck collect.



System 285 (Max. Tg 105 C – 110 C)
Mixing ratio
Pot life
Mixed Viscosity
100:50 by volume
H285-F 40 min
300-500 cp
100:40 by weight
H287-S 4 hours
H285 : H287
40 : 60 2 hours
System 335 (Max. Tg 75 C – 80 C)
Mixing ratio
Pot life
Mixed Viscosity
100:45 by volume
H335-F 15 min
800 cp
100:38 by weight
H340-S 6 hours
400 cp
H335 : H340
50 : 50 1.5 hours
20 : 80 4 hours



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