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Perrone’s Leather Cleaner / Conditioner is a premium blend of gentle cleansers and light conditioners formulated to clean and rejuvenate finished leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. Perrone’s Leather Cleaner/ Conditioner removes dirt, dust, and oils without drying or damaging the surface. Perrone’s Leather Cleaner/ Conditioner helps protect leather from weathering and fading. Leaves leather surfaces soft, supple and smelling like new again. The wipes are treated with the same leather cleaner/ conditioner as in the spray bottle. Perrone Leather Cleaning/ Conditioning products create an invisible barrier between leather seat covers and soils. This quick, convienient, and cost effective method of reducing ink stains, dirt, grease, grime, and body oils from penetrating leather surfaces will add to the longevity and appearance of your aviation leather interior without any adverse effects on flammability.

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