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Attention: This product cannot be sold to customers within Canada.

PolyGone™ stripping agents are unique formulations that remove polysulfide (PRC) and silicone RTV sealants from metal, ceramic, and some plastic substrates. The top polysulfide producers include PRC DeSoto (now PPG), AC Tech, and Flamemaster. The top silicone producers are GE, Dow, and Wacker. Both polysulfide (polysulphide) and silicone RTV are difficult to remove completely since they actually bond into surface/substrate.

The typically, sealant removal method requires scraping that results in damaging the substrate. There are also products that try to “disslove” the sealants but due to their inertness, this does not work. PolyGone however, reacts with the polymers chemically and breaks them down so they can be rinsed away without damage to the surface/substrate. This offers significant advantages over other removal methods. PolyGone emulsifiers are specialty blended chemistries that wet and penetrate the polymer and relatively quickly emulsify it. This emulsification prevents redeposition of the reaction by-products and allow for water rinsing.

The polysulfide (polysulphide) sealant remover is also available as a gel for use in vertical, inverted and non-immersion applications. PolyGone is effective at removing silicone RTV and polysulfide (polysulphide) sealants at room temperature, are fast acting and environmentally friendly as opposed to regularly used solvents. PolyGone is currently being used by several MRO organizations as a sealant remover.

Available in both liquid or gel.
6oz Gel (Pictured)
5lb Gel
1 Gallon Liquid

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    1 Gallon 310 AG, 6 oz 310 AG Gel, 5 Lb Tub 310 AG Gel

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