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Part# 09-01607



PRESTIGE POLISH – Here’s the polish of your dreams! Deepest gloss, shiniest depth, super tough. Chemically unlike other products, PPC’s PRESTIGE is a carefully formulated combination of concentrated cleaning agents, specially developed polishing ingredients, and catalyzed weather-resistant UV-absorbing sealants providing outstanding durability and shine. Laboratory testing confirms that PRESTIGE’s weather proof polymer barrier withstands temperature extremes of -60 to 400° F. Accelerated weather testing has proven that PRESTIGE retains its deep gloss and protects painted surfaces up to 10 times longer than all other products – by far the best throughout the entire aircraft/automotive industry. PRESTIGE applies quickly and easily, dries in 20 seconds, merely wipes off without buffing!


  • 100% polymeric formula.
  • Restores color and gloss.
  • Maximizes clearcoat depth.
  • Incredible weather resistance.
  • Contains inherent UV blockers.
  • Prevents salt damage and rust.

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