These verstile sanding blocks are ideal for sanding large areas, creating straight edges, producing dihedral angles, profiling leading edges, feathering trailing edges, and more. The sanding blocks are coarse grit on one side and fine grit on the opposing side. The flexible grit strips can be cut and shaped to any form, external or internal.

Grit Equivalents

“F” FINE: Approximately equivelent UK320 / US120 Grit paper
“M” MEDIUM: Approximately equivelent UK220 / US80 Grit paper
“C” COARSE: Approximately equivelent UK180 / US60 UK Grit paper
“XC” EXTRA COARSE: Approximately equivelent UK120 / US46 Grit paper
“XXC” EXTRA, EXTRA COARSE: Approximately equivelent UK80 / US24 Grit paper

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