Part# 09-03584



CUSTOM FILL MACHINE quickly and easily fills CUSTOM FILL and WATERBORNE CUSTOM FILL blanks. 70701 is compact and comes packaged with a wall mount bracket which saves valuable space. Furthermore, 70701 is quiet and requires no clean-up saving time, money and materials.CUSTOM FILL is a premium aerosol blank designed to be filled with paint using the CUSTOM FILL MACHINE. Use 61993 to fill solvent paints such as urethane basecoat, single stage, acrylic & alkyd enamels and acrylic lacquers. Sold Separately.

WATERBORNE CUSTOM FILL is a premium aerosol blank designed specifically for use with the CUSTOM FILL MACHINE. Sold separately. See Accessories.

Use 62003 to fill automotive waterborne basecoat and other waterborne coatings.

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