Part# 12-03351


Our Swiss Pattern Needle File Sets have been designed to meet the needs of hobbyists, craftsmen, tool makers and jewelers. Every file is made from alloy steel and machined into distinctive shapes for various small scale and finishing applications. Also included is a 700 series Versa-Grip handle with a locking screw chuck.

Package Specifications =
H: 9.63” W: 4.75” D: 1.75” Cube: 0.0463 Weight: 9.2oz \ Weight: 0.57lbs
Shelf Pack Specifications =
H: 9.75” W: 4.87” D: 5.25” Cube: 0.1444 Weight: 28oz \ Weight: 1.75lbs
Master Pack Specifications =
H: 20.5” W: 9.87” D: 12.25” Cube: 1.4351 Weight: 240oz \ Weight: 15lbs

Package Specifications =
H: 0.244602mm W: 0.12065mm D: 0.04445mm Cube: 0.00117602 Weight: 260.81561275gr \ Weight: 4.173049804Kg
Shelf Pack Specifications =
H: 0.24765mm W: 0.123698mm D: 0.13335mm Cube: 0.00366776 Weight: 793.7866475gr \ Weight: 0.7937866475Kg
Master Pack Specifications =
H: 0.5207mm W: 0.250698mm D: 0.31115mm Cube: 0.03645154 Weight: 6803.88555gr \ Weight: 6.80388555Kg


  • A complete set of General Purpose Filesto meet the needs of craftspeople, tooland die makers, hobbyists and jewelers
  • Set includes 12 different files. All measure5-1/2″ (138mm) long with 1/8″ (3mm)diameter shanks
  • Files are constructed of high quality ChromiumAlloy Steel
  • All files are 2-1/2″ (63mm) long, #2 Single CutSwiss Pattern
  • Knurled handle file can be used without handleassembly
  • Precision locking screw chuck holds filessecurely in place
  • Precision engineered 700 Series Versa-Grip™handle for maximum performance

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