Part# 11-10941



The Tactical Ultra HD is the most advanced digital hearing technology on the market. The beauty of the Ultra is that it amplifies very quiet sounds and allows you to hear in clear digital sound, while its super fast microprocessor blocks out loud noise. It is a safety system for your ears, blocking out loud noises while letting you enjoy the sounds you need and want to hear. You will be amazed at the clear HD quality sound of this product. You will “Re- Discover life” and all its natural sounds. This instrument offers 35dB NRR and 48 dB of power.

For these Custom Fitted Products:
Contact us for information to mail the impressions (ear molds) that you can have any audiologist make along with a recent hearing test/audio gram to custom fit your hearing product specifically to your ear canal.
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  • Ultra fast compression circuit
  • 100% Digital HD sound quality
  • 8 channel 32 layered Channels for greater and more precise programming
  • 12 noise reduction bands, up to 17 dB cut settings for extremely noisy situations
  • 4 memory settings for selecting different modes and sound environments
  • Noise levels at 90 dB or higher are instantly detected and blocked in a fraction of a second
  • The circuit is programmable and re programmable to precisely fit your needs


  • Color: Black

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