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This system is purchased and installed per engine. It runs off of a 115 volt power source. Contact us for additional information for connecting systems to a single plug location. Turbine engine preheating is provided through the use of pad heat elements on the engine nose case, and accessory cases. This heats important items like the FCU, bearings and oils. For operation below freezing, the complete aircraft should be heated by incorporating battery and avionics preheat.

This preheat kit when installed will supply 533 watts with a 4.6 amp draw at 115 volts.

This kit is for engines that are classified as PWC PT6A small and medium engines with short epicycilic PRGB.


Common engine and airframe combinations as below:

  • PT6A-11 Piper: Cheyenne IA. Piper: T1040.
  • PT6A-110 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-112 Cessna: Conquest I . Reims: F406 Caravan II.
  • PT6A-114 Cessna: 208,208B Caravan I .
  • PT6A-114A Cessna: 208,208B Caravan I.
  • PT6A-116 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-11AG Air Tractor: AT 402A, 402B. Schweizer: G-164B. AG-Cat Turbine.
  • PT6A-121 PIAGGIO: P-166-DL3.
  • PT6A-135 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-135A Beechcraft: King Air F90-1,C90GT,C90GTi,C90GTx. Blackhawk: XP135A Cheyenne Series. Blackhawk: XP135A Conquest I . Blackhawk: XP135A King Air 90 Series. Cessna: Conquest I. Lancair International Inc: Evolution. Silverhawk: 135. StandardAero:C90,E90. StandardAero: Cheyenne Series. StandardAero: King Air F90. T-G Aviation: Super Cheyenne®. Vazar: Dash 3 Turbine Otter.
  • PT6A-15AG Air Tractor: AT 402A,402B. Air Tractor: AT 502B. Frakes: Turbo Cat Model A,B,C. Schweizer: G-164B AG-Cat Turbine.
  • PT6A-20 Beechcraft: 99.
  • PT6A-20A No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-20B No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-21 Beechcraft: King Air C90A/B/SE, Turbine Air Bonanza.
  • PT6A-25 Beechcraft: T-34C. PZL:Okecie, 130 TE Turbo-Orlik. Pilatus: PC-7,PC-7 MKII Turbo Trainer.
  • PT6A-25A Beechcraft: T-34C. PZL:Okecie, 130 TE Turbo-Orlik. Pilatus: PC-7,PC-7 MKII Turbo Trainer.
  • PT6A-25C Embraer: EMB-312 Tucano. PZL: Okecie. PZL: 130 TC-II Turbo-Orlik. Pilatus: PC-7,PC-7 MKII Turbo Trainer.
  • PT6A-27 Beechcraft: 99A. Beechcraft: B99. Bombardier (deHavilland): DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300. CATIC/HAIG: Y-12. Embraer: Bandeirante EMB-110. LET: L410. Pilatus: PC-6 Turbo Porter.PT6A-28 Beechcraft: 99A. Beechcraft: King Air A100. Beechcraft: King Air E90. Embraer: EMB-121 Xingu. Piper: Cheyenne II/IIXL.
  • PT6A-29 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-34 Embraer: Bandeirante EMB-110. Embraer: Bandeirante EMB-111. Embraer: Caraja. Frakes: Mallard. JetPROP: DLX. Pacific Aerospace: XSTOL (750XL). Quest: Kodiak. Vazar: Dash 3 Turbine Otter.
  • PT6A-34AG Air Tractor: AT 502B, Frakes: Turbo Cat Model A/B/C. PZL: Okecie PZL: 106 Turbo-Kruk, Pacific Aerospace: 750, Schweizer G-164B. AG-Cat: Turbine. Schweizer: G-164D. AG-Cat: Turbine, Thrush 510P.
  • PT6A-34B Beechcraft: T-44A.
  • PT6A-35 Blue: 35. JetPROP: DLX.
  • PT6A-36 Beechcraft: C99 Airliner.
  • PT6A-38 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-40 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-41 Beechcraft: King Air 200/B200. Piper: Cheyenne III/IIIA.
  • PT6A-41AG No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-42 Beechcraft: C12F, Beechcraft: King Air 200,B200, Blackhawk XP42 King Air 200, StandardAero King Air 200,
  • PT6A-42A Blackhawk: XP42A Caravan Series. Piper: Meridian.
  • PT6A-45 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-45A Shorts: 330.
  • PT6A-45B Shorts: 330.
  • PT6A-45R Shorts: 330, C-23A Sherpa.
  • PT6A-52 Beechcraft: King Air B200GT, 250. Blackhawk: XP52 King Air 200,B200. Enhanced Aero: B200GTO. StandardAero: King Air 200/B200.
  • PT6A-6 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-6/C20 No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-61 Blackhawk: XP61 King Air 200/B200. Piper: Cheyenne III/IIIA.
  • PT6A-61A No aircraft known (conversions)
  • PT6A-64 EADS Socata: TBM 700. Socata: TBM 700.
  • PT6A-66 National Aerospace Laboratories: Saras. PIAGGIO: Avanti P-180.
  • PT6A-66A Ibis Aerospace: Ae 270 HP.
  • PT6A-66B PIAGGIO: Avanti II.
  • PT6A-66D EADS Socata: TBM 850. Socata: TBM 850.
  • PT6A-6A No aircraft known (conversions)


  • Turbine Model: Various Models
  • Engine Manufacture: Pratt & Whitney
  • Voltage: 115V
  • USA- Cert (8130- 3 available): PMA-only (Yes)

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